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Sgiliau Gwydnwch: Eich gwneud yn gryfach ar gyfer y flwyddyn newydd! Navigating the Storm: Understanding trauma and empowerment
Bydd Tegan a Caroline o Brifysgol Glyndŵr yn siarad am eu hanimeiddiad ‘Navigating the Storm’.

Tegan and Caroline from Glyndwr University will be talking about their ‘Navigating the Storm’ animation

Navigating the storm has been created in collaboration with ACE Hub Wales to help explain trauma and how we may come to understand it. The animation was co-produced by Illustration and Animation students at Glyndwr University and seeks to illustrate the way in which meaningful connections can be created using a trauma-informed lens. Navigating the Storm explores how we can begin the voyage to becoming more trauma-informed and responsive whilst appreciating that we are not predictable, we all experience life differently and nobody is immune to difficulties. This is a way of thinking, being, feeling, and connecting which allows us to discover the world through another’s eyes. Together we can nurture society and lead with gentle curiosity and understanding. This belongs to us all and, starting with ourselves, we can help to cast healing ripples of kindness throughout our communities.

We will be diving into the themes of the animation at the coffee morning and discussing how the animation can be used in the initial stages on the journey in becoming trauma-informed. We will also discuss some of the extensions based on the concept (which fall outside of the animation) including ‘The Sea of Grief’ and ‘Becoming the Lighthouse’. The session will include a Q&A.

Nov 25, 2022 10:00 AM in London

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Tegan Brierley-Sollis
Caroline Hughes